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The debate as to which presentation style is the best, in the delivery of MOOC video content, is not in any way different from the debate as to which teaching method one should choose in a traditional lecture setting. With many universities offering online courses and millions of students worldwide enrolling in them, video content quality and delivery are getting more attention than ever.  In a MOOC, presentation style and content are almost synonymous.

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MOOCs in Africa

Good MOOC content (video or otherwise) is one that effects change in the behavior of a learner.  The choice of the presentation style in the delivery of a MOOC via video affects the way people learn and engage with it.  The content also needs to achieve the instructional objectives of subject being taught.  Creating video content devoid of an understanding of the individual needs and capacity of the audience creates bigger challenges for MOOCs.

Developing video content that merely delivers a traditional lecture in digital format runs the risk of creating a feeling of emptiness in a student and causing the student to unconsciously withdraw from the presentation.  It may thus be a good idea to choose a presentation style that is able to captivate the attention of and keep the student engaged for at least 70% of the duration of the course.  To do so, I believe the presentation needs to include the following:

  1. Activity based content
  2. Relation of the subject to real-life applications
  3. Nearly real-time evaluation/feedback

Including activities, during video-content delivery, keeps the learner engaged.  Similarly, presentations, which attempt to relate the subject matter to real-life situations, will draw a student’s attention into the.  Further, when a learner is aware that he/she is being evaluated, almost in real-time, through available digital tools, he/she will take a greater interest in the MOOC.  All in all, I feel that the video content of a MOOC should be student-centered and informal.

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