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Would grocery stores be faced by serious competition from a heavyweight like Amazon?  Maybe so.  AmazonFresh is the latest offering from Jeff Bezos‘s Amazon.  Promising unmatched customer service and convinience, AmazonFresh plans to offer grocery deliveries to your doorstep for a small annual membership fee which is less than what an average family would spend annually on transportation and other costs associated with grocery purchases.

If successful, one might soon see grocery stores struggling to compete.  AmazonFresh is definitely one trend to watch that could cause major disruption to traditional grocery stores.

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Can disruption in Television ever happen?

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Old Television with rabbit-ear antenna

Probably the majority of TV viewers like the way things are and don’t want change.  I think the reason TV disruption on a massive scale hasn’t occured is because it is driven more by the content of programming rather than technology of the delivery. 

Also, the majority of TV viewers aren’t technology savvy.  If someone keeps that in mind, TV disruption could occur.

“Inmates running the Asylum” – Lessons from El Pueblito

The Economist carries the following article in its Aug 17th 2013 print edition:
It covers the growing problem of America’s overcrowded prisons. I think Eric Holder’s proposals for locking up fewer Americans are welcome, but do not go far enough.

Savio Rebelo | Disruptive Frontiers And The Death of Traditional Models

Some time back, I watched the Mel Gibson movie “Get the Gringo.” wherein he is sent to the fictional El Pueblito prison.  The prison is run by the prisoners themselves.  Though amusing, I could not comprehend that such a thing actually existed anywhere in the world.

Doing a little research, I found that El Pueblito was a real-life prison built in 1956 in Tijuana, Mexico, as part of an experiment where researchers, wanting to help inmates readjust to life in the outside world after serving their sentence, allowed their families to stay with them.   Over the years, this flexible arrangement was abused and some of these inmates began ruling over the prison.

The El Pueblito, model-prison-turned-law-enforcement nightmare was effectively destroyed about eleven years back on August 20, 2002.  On that day, approximately 2,000 law-enforcement officers stormed the facility to transfer many prisoners to other institutions, evict entire…

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EDIBLE FOOD PACKAGING – disruption to plastic packaging?

Plastic has been around for as long as I have been alive.  It’s has a nearly indispensable use in food packaging.  However, disposal of plastic waste has become a global nightmare.  Still, no viable cost-effective alternative has replaced it. 

Is “edible packaging” the next disruptive trend that would significantly loosen the grip of plastic over the food packaging industry?

Disruptive Trend in Transportation?

Imagine stepping into a car-sized capsule in downtown Los Angeles and, 30 minutes later, emerging in San Francisco. Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Monday unveiled a concept for a transport system he says would make the nearly 400-mile trip in half the time it takes an airplane. Inside, capsules would float on air, traveling at over 700 miles per hour.